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Loyalty counts among friends and family

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

We are in the sixth grade, and we’ve been thinking about loyalty lately. To us, being loyal means deciding to stick with someone or something or support them no matter what. Some people we are loyal to are friends, siblings and teams, even when it is hard to do it.

Here are some ways you can resolve loyalty problems.

It’s easy to be loyal to your friends, but if you’re fighting with them it’s a different story. If you had an argument, here are some ways to work it out: stay calm, talk, listen to their perspective, and try to work it out. One way you can resolve loyalty problems with your friends is to talk to them and remember the reasons why you’re friends in the first place. This can remind you that you are friends, and friends are loyal to each other.

One way you can help be loyal to your siblings is to try not to fight so much with them. We know it’s hard. Even if you don’t get along well, you are still related. Try not to make a fight worse with your siblings than you do with your friends, and try to solve it. We find it hard not to fight with our siblings. You will probably want to keep on fighting with them, too, but you need to keep in mind that being loyal is more important. There is always a way to solve the fight that you are in.

You can also be loyal to professional sports teams like those in the NFL, NBA, etc. Even if you have a favorite team that’s not doing so well, like the Cleveland Browns, still be loyal and stick with them. Some fans will ditch their favorite team if they’re losing and jump over to another team that’s winning. We call them bandwagon fans. These fans are not really loyal to either team because they’re not sticking by them when things get tough.

We are both Jets fans and they had a bad record this season, but we are loyal to them and we think that one day they’ll win another Super Bowl. We’ll be there cheering them on!

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