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Luke Wilson, voice of ‘Rock Dog,’ chats with Kidsday

Luke Wilson with Kidsday reporters, from left, Sean

Luke Wilson with Kidsday reporters, from left, Sean Bellia, Ariana Piniero, Zachary Garfinkel and Bryn Griffin at the Magno screening room in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We went to an advanced screening of the new animated movie “Rock Dog.” We absolutely loved the movie! It is about a Tibetan mastiff named Bodi (voiced by Luke Wilson), who lives in a village on Snow Mountain.

He lives with his father, Khampa (J.K. Simmons), who works along with many sheep to guard the village from wolves who want to take over. Khampa is the leader of the mastiffs and he does not allow any music to be played. He thinks it is a distraction and it serves no purpose in their village.

One day while Bodi is walking through a field, a radio drops from an airplane in the sky. After listening to a few songs, Bodi gets completely hooked on learning to play music and decides he wants to become a rock musician. He loves the sound of rock star Angus Scattergood’s songs and wants to play like he does. Bodi finds a guitar and teaches himself to play. When his father finds out he’s been playing it, he allows Bodi to set off to the city to follow his dream of playing music. Bodi heads to the big city and connects with Angus (Eddie Izzard). After some very exciting songwriting adventures with Angus, plus some scary moments with the wolves who have tracked him down, Bodi goes through a lot. See the movie to find out how things turn out for Bodi’s future and the safety of his village!

We think that kids who like animation and rock music will love this movie as much as we did.

After seeing the movie, Luke Wilson met us in the screening room to talk about his role.

Luke was very kind and easygoing. Ariana asked Luke if it is hard being famous. Luke said he imagines that if he were a celebrity like Justin Bieber it would be very hard, but he said he is able to basically live his life as a normal person does. He can walk down the streets in New York and not get noticed all the time. She also asked him what he liked about doing an animated movie. He said he liked being able to wear whatever he wanted and he didn’t have to stress about learning his lines because he could read from the script.

Sean asked Luke about his hobbies. He said he really likes golf and has been playing with his brothers Owen and Andrew for years. Sean also found out that it usually takes six to seven months for Luke to finish making a movie, but “Rock Dog” took about three years because of the animation and all the coding that went into it. When Sean asked Luke how and why he became an actor, Luke said he started making short films with a small video camera as a kid with his brothers, and that moved into stretching their work into bigger films.

Bryn found out that Luke doesn’t get jealous when one of his brothers gets a movie if he doesn’t! He also watches his own movies, not just to see himself but to see his friends in the movie and see how they did.

Zach asked Luke what movie roles he likes to portray the most. He said he mainly likes to act in action movies and comedies. Zach also found out that Luke has some ideas for the plot of a sports movie, so he’d like to star in one at some point in his career.

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