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Luncheonette in Southampton with homemade ice cream

Kidsday reporter Paul Guillo at Sip'n Soda in

Kidsday reporter Paul Guillo at Sip'n Soda in Southampton. Credit: Nicole Guillo

Sip’n Soda is a wonderful luncheonette in the heart of Southampton village, located at 40 Hampton Rd. Sip’n Soda has been open for almost 58 years, and it is known for its numerous amounts of homemade ice cream flavors and its famous Lime Ricky.

Sip’n Soda is owned by my grandpa James Parash, who has worked there since the restaurant opened in 1958 and my uncle Mark Parash, who started working there when he graduated from college in 1992.

Sip’n Soda’s homemade ice cream is all made by my Uncle Mark. Sip’n Soda offers vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, Nutella, coffee, coffee chip, Oreo cookie dough, mint chip, salted caramel, pumpkin, peach, candy cane and orange sherbet. You can enjoy this ice cream on a sugar cone, wafer cone, or cup for $4.95. You can purchase ice cream to bring home as a pint for $7.50, as a quart for $9.50, and as a gallon for $12.50. Or you can buy a milkshake with any flavor you want for $6.00.

The Lime Ricky is the most famous and customers’ favorite drink at Sip’n Soda. A lime ricky is made with 8 ounces of lime juice, 6 ounces of cherry syrup, 12 ounces of either seltzer, water, or Sprite (your own choice), a lime wedge, and crushed ice. It tastes amazing. Take it from me.

What I enjoy most at Sip’n Soda for breakfast is the delicious French toast, with powdered sugar and maple syrup. For lunch I order fried shrimp, or a bacon cheeseburger with fries, usually. For dinner it depends what I want, but it doesn’t matter what I get because it is all good. For dessert I adore a mint chip milkshake. Yummm!

Sip’n Soda has been around for a long time. I just started working there this summer as a busboy and it has been fun. I am so happy Sip’n Soda is a huge part of my family.

If you want to stop by any time of the day, please do. During the summer the hours are 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., and the rest of the time we are open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. To find out anything else you can call us at 631-283-9752 or visit our website

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