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Madame Alexander's long history with dolls

Madame Alexander is in midtown Manhattan, and the doll line is celebrating its 90th anniversary. We visited the showroom recently to find out what makes these dolls so popular and why kids and adults like to collect them so much.

The company was established in 1923 to "create dolls that make little girls happy." The dolls are also extremely popular with collectors of all ages. The 8-inch "Wendy dolls" are the most popular dolls. Madame Alexander makes more than 1 million dolls a year.

The company's doll club lets the employees at Madame Alexander know what people are looking for in its dolls -- such as how they are dressed. Madame Alexander employees invited some young girls to be in focus groups. One group was for ages 5 and 6 and another group was for ages 7 and 8. They found out that the younger kids like lots of things with pink and purple with sparkles. They all liked the princess dolls. The older girls liked more sophisticated colors such as teal and they liked more of a trendy style. These girls also liked cheetah prints and no sparkles. One thing these age groups have in common is they both like to brush their dolls' hair.

Because Madame Alexander is one of the oldest companies that make dolls, it has created many extra details that make the dolls special, such as the dolls that are able to open and close their eyes. They are called sleepy eyes. Madame Alexander started a long time ago and now other doll companies are following Madame Alexander.

If you are a fan of these dolls or want to find out more about them, visit the Madame Alexander Doll Club online:

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