Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

'Magic in the Mix' review: A good book about family

The book "Magic in the Mix," by Annie Barrows (Bloomsbury Books), is a great story if you like fiction books that seem almost like you're living that person's life.

I thought this book was amazing because it painted a great picture in my mind, and I felt almost as if I was watching a movie. It is about a family of three sets of twins, but it focuses on one set, Miri and Molly.

These girls are very different but very alike, too. As they travel through different time periods, they discover they were destined to be twins. The catch is that this magic is not only for them, so when their brothers get involved in the Civil War, they must find a way to get them freedom while making sure the boys never find out about the magic. This book was really wonderful because it showed the bond between family members but with a sense of magic.

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