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Magic Pad makes your drawings glow in the dark

Kidsday reporters Melissa Alvarado, left, and Railenny Marcelino

Kidsday reporters Melissa Alvarado, left, and Railenny Marcelino Almonte of Grant Avenue Elementary School, Bronx, tested the Magic Pad. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Have you heard about the Magic Pad (As Seen on TV)? If not, we're about to introduce you to the new Magic Pad.

It's for ages 3 and up and is very simple to use. It has three markers with double ends, so there are six colors. The cool part is that you draw pictures, and they light up in the dark. You can also select from three sets of stencil sheets that you can trace, play games or write with. 

It's very simple to use. First, turn the Magic Pad on by pressing the activation button on the bottom of the pad. Each time you press the activation button, you get a different glow effect. If you check the back of the pad you'll find three spaces to hold your markers. We think you'll love it because it looks fun and it is fun.

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

Lauren Shea Buckridge, John Ferraro and Laticia Robinson’s students, Grant Avenue Elementary School, Bronx

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