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Magic: The Gathering game

There are a lot of card games, but Magic: The Gathering is my favorite. It has been around a long time (since about 1993), but I like it because it is a fantasy battle game between two or more players.

To play the game, each person will need their own deck of Magic cards that includes land, creature and spell cards. In the game, you and your opponents are called Planeswalkers.

Planeswalkers are similar to powerful wizards. Planeswalkers travel from plane to plane to gather spells, creatures, artifacts and mana (mana is what is needed to power your spells) cast from sorcery that you can use to defeat other planeswalkers.

The game continues until one Planeswalker defeats all the others in battle.

Another fun thing about this game is that some cards are rarer than others, so it makes it fun to collect them and trade with your friends.

Now that I have told you the basics, I will leave you to find out more about the amazing card game Magic: The Gathering.

The company, Wizards of the Coast, updates the playing cards all the time. They are fun to collect. There also is an online version of this game at


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