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Our magnet collection brings up family memories

Kidsday reporter Edward Ricottone with his family's collection

Kidsday reporter Edward Ricottone with his family's collection of magnets from their travels. Credit: Ricottone family

My family and I have a lot of collections. One of my favorites is our magnet collection. Wherever we go, we get a magnet and put it on our garage door. We have about 50 magnets from everywhere we’ve been. Our goal is to get a magnet from all 50 states. So far we have about 20.

We always have a great time deciding on which magnet to get. We normally take a family vote on which one we will select. If we go to different cities we tend to get more than one. If we can’t decide, then we’ll try to select one based on the things that we did there.

Some of my favorite magnets are from my family trips to the Statue of Liberty, Disney World, West Point and Niagara Falls. I favor these magnets because they are memories of my family’s favorite trips. I also like magnets like our Lego Statue of Liberty and our picture frame from a hotel in Kentucky.

These magnets are a great collection of memories. We like looking at the magnets and talking about the many places we have been together.

Mary Ralph’s fifth-grade class, South Oceanside Elementary School, School #4

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