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Good Morning

Make a milk-carton bird feeder

I like to feed the birds that fly near my house. I help them out by making my very own bird feeder. It is so easy to do. I take a plastic milk carton and clean it out. I like the half-gallon size. After it is clean, I take a knife and cut a circular hole on the side, about 2 or 3 inches wide. Next, using a glue gun, I attach a dowel just below the hole I just made so the bird can have a perch. Then I paint it. I poke two holes in the top of the carton's cap. (This makes it easier to clean it.) I run some twine through the holes and loop it back through the second hole, then tie it in a knot and hang the feeder on a tree. Finally, I add the bird food into the bird feeder.

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