Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

'Make a New Friend' review: Get a Sesame Street smile

We got to see "Sesame Street Live" at The Theater at Madison Square Garden. The show was called "Make a New Friend." If you haven't seen it yet, we definitely think you should go.

Grover's friend Chamki comes to visit from India. Grover calls all his furry friends from Sesame Street and everyone is excited for the special visit. Oscar tells Chamki to "Get lost!" so she feels shy. But all of Grover's friends make her feel special by showing her around the neighborhood, singing, and dancing. We learned about different customs in India. Can you believe India is all the way across the world? We learned "goodbye" is "Namaste" in Hindi.

Our favorite part was when the big elephant comes on stage. It's not a real elephant! We liked Cookie Monster's song "Me Want Cookie." Cookie Monster was a great dancer. The funniest part was when Cookie Monster talked about Fuzzbook, Sesame Street's version of Facebook. The show was loud and fun. The characters came out in the aisles to dance and hug you! Billy's 3-year-old brother, Jake, got to hug Elmo!

We really loved when they threw beach balls into the audience. We felt excited the whole time and couldn't stop dancing. This show is all about making friends and how to be a good friend. That's what we are, and we are glad we got to see it together.

Go see this 5-smile show! It runs through Sunday, March 1. Online:

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