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Make a super summer hat

Kidsday reporter Naya Akler made her perfect summer

Kidsday reporter Naya Akler made her perfect summer hat. Photo Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Summer is finally here. The only problem is . . . it’s hot. There are mosquitoes, sunburns, and sometimes it’s too sunny. Well, I have a solution. The summer hat.

The first step to making a summer is to make a list of things you need in summer. For example: a fan, water, etc. Then, you take a piece of paper and draft how your invention will look and fit together.

Next, try to start attaching things to your hat. You might have to add little clips, strong glue dots or maybe even carve little holes to attach little parts. When you are done with this, you could have someone give the invention a trial week.

This is how I created my summer hat:

1. My list: fan, water, sunscreen, face water spray, mosquito spray, hand sanitizer.

2. I collected some bottles and sprays that I could attach to my summer hat. I have four bottles and one spray bottle. Then I filled them with what they needed to be filled with.

3. Add-ons: For my add-on, I used Velcro. I sewed the strips of Velcro onto my hat. Then I closed the Velcro around the bottles. I attached a sticky piece of Velcro to the hat, and the fan. Then I attached them.

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