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Make-A-Wish helps sick kids' wishes come true

Once every

38 minutes, Make-A-Wish grants the wish

of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition in the United States and its territories. The organization helps kids feel stronger, more energetic and willing to battle their conditions to achieve their dreams.

This program got started with a 7-year-old kid named Chris Greicius. He had leukemia, and more than anything else, he wanted to be a police officer. Knowing he had a horrible disease, Chris wanted to achieve his goal.

Some nice people in Arizona came together and granted Chris his wish, making him an honorary officer. Now, Make-A-Wish grants wishes for kids to help them grow to be strong people.

Make-A-Wish is a great organization to help children with serious illnesses get through it all.

Make-A-Wish has even helped Kidsday reporter Gianna's sister, Christina. Gianna remembers when her sister got to have a wish. Christina had rhabdoid sarcoma.

Her wish was to go on a Disney Cruise. Gianna's family got to go on the cruise for her wish. They had so much fun. This trip made Christina happy. And to see her happy put a giant smile on Gianna's face, too!

But the really good news is Christina is now cancer-free.

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