Good Morning
Good Morning

Make time for fishing

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Jack D’Andrea, Sayville

I think with September just a few days away, it is a great time to go fishing. The weather is a little bit cooler and it is a fun thing to do after you get home from school and before dinner. So grab a fishing rod and head to your local fishing hole.

I go fishing every day that I can. When you go fishing make sure that it is a nice day and go out at around 4 p.m. because that is when all of the fish are out.

There are a lot of things that you need to be a good fisherman. You are definitely going to need a fishing pole and fishing line. Very important. Then you need bait. I recommend using worms. Make sure you cut the worms. You will also need a tackle box. It will hold extra fishing line, hooks, scissors and other fishing supplies you think you might need. The last two things are the most important things when you go fishing. You have to be quiet because you do not want to scare way the fish. You have to have patience.

Fishing is super fun. If you live on the south shore of Long Island, then you know about the Great South Bay. Lots of fish live there. I like to fish right from the dock but you can go on a boat if you would like.

Hopefully when you are done fishing, you will have caught two or three fish. That can make a nice dinner. I love eating fish after a long day of work. After dinner get a good night’s sleep because you might go fishing the next day.

I love fishing, and I have been doing it since I was 2years old. My favorite type of fish is bass. I like to go fishing with my brothers, sister and my dad. Now the next time you go fishing you will be prepared and even though it can be boring just waiting, it’s worth it.

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