Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Make your own pom-pom soccer

You can't always play soccer outside because the weather is not always right, but my classmates and I figured out a way to play it indoors. We made our own pom-pom soccer game. We made our own stadium and had a lot of fun playing this game. Here is what you need: A large piece of paper card stock. Next, you need to draw a soccer field on it with the center circle and midline. You also should draw the out-of-bounds lines and goal area to make it look like a real soccer field. Next, you need to get two small boxes and cut them in half. Place one on each end of the field and that will be your goal. We made our field look even better by using Lego blocks and figures to make a stadium.

Finally, you will need a small, round pom-pom and straws. Place the pom-pom in the middle of the field and use the straw to blow the ball into your opponent's goal. It is fun with two or four players.

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