MakerBot is a 3-D printing retail store that helps inform anyone about each step of 3-D printing and the purpose of it. Our host, Ashley Bell, was able to assist us when we visited recently. We learned from Ashley that there is no age minimum to owning a 3-D printer, but you have to be careful because the heat goes up to 216 degrees while the printer is working.

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There are three ways to print out a 3-D copy of an item. You can use a special website to design the item you want, save it on a flash drive and put the flash drive into the printer. The second way is to design it on a computer network and then put the computer USB drive into the printer. The final way is to design on multiple computers and then download it into the printer. The visit to MakerBot was an amazing experience.

The store is located at 298 Mulberry St., Manhattan, and check them online at