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Makeup and fashion tips for teens

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Caitlin Hanratty, East Rockaway

Makeup seems to be a bigger trend these past years for teenage girls and boys. Makeup can be great if you know what to do, but if you have no idea what you’re doing, things can go wrong.

Since teenagers are more prone to acne-type skin, the skin can be more sensitive to breakouts. Teenagers might use makeup to cover insecurities or just to be creative. But you need to wash your face and apply makeup on fresh, hydrated skin to get best results.

If you are prone to acne, then first you want to apply primer, which is a base you put on before your makeup to close your pores and leave your makeup clean and not messy. If you do have difficulty with acne, then you might want to go with using BB cream, which is a lighter base of foundation.

Fashion is one of the most important things in many girls' lives, especially in the summer when the biggest trends get released. This summer there will be many trends that are coming back from the past, such as biker shorts, puffer jackets, jean skirts and cargo pants. Many of these summer clothes come out in the spring and become more popular through the summer. 

Celebrities are the ones who start these trends by the massive amount of attention they get. Bright colors such as neon colors are starting to be on the rise as well, on things such as bathing suits, sneakers, skirts and shorts.

Cherie Gisondi's ninth-grade English class, Carle Place High School


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