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Making chocolate at Voilà Chocolat

We were so lucky to go to Voilà Chocolat and report on it for Kidsday. Their saying is "Make your own happiness," and we sure did. We went there recently for our very own chocolate-making class. The first thing we noticed was the incredible smell of chocolate that filled the air as soon as we opened the door. The chocolatiers had us sit at the counter and choose what kind of chocolate we wanted. We could choose two kinds. The choices were milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. The chocolatiers gave us the chocolate molds; we were making chocolate lollipops. After we chose what chocolate we wanted, we then picked what kind of design and toppings we wanted.

First you have to lay the design sheets at the bottom of the molds, then squeeze the chocolate into the molds and bang them on the table a little to flatten out the chocolate. After you fill all the lollipop spaces, then you start decorating them with colored sprinkles, hearts and little candy balls. After you are done, the chocolatier puts the mold in the freezer for five minutes to harden the chocolate. When we got them back, we popped them out of the mold and wrapped them in little clear bags and tied them with bows. We made what they call bark out of the leftover ingredients. Bark is just a big flat piece of chocolate.

When we were done, we bought some gifts for our families. There were so many things made out of chocolate we could choose from. They have chocolate ties, watches, a shirt and tie and even chocolate tools. It was an amazing experience, and the people at Voilà Chocolat are so nice, you should definitely go there. They have walk in classes or you can make an appointment. We think it is just a great place for a birthday party, too.

It is located: 221 W. 79th St. Call 212-920-8799. Online:

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