Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Making clay monsters

Kidsday reporter Alex Mackay makes creative clay monsters.

Kidsday reporter Alex Mackay makes creative clay monsters. Credit: Mackay family

I make really cool things out of clay. It is an activity that lets my creativity soar.

I make monster figures out of clay. I like to make them because I can create them into any shape and make them as colorful or cute as I want. I like to add big colorful eyes and make the arms and legs different shapes and sizes. I rub a fork’s prongs on them to make it look like hair. There are many ways to create monsters. What you need to make the clay creations is Sculpey. It is a clay you bake that comes in many colors. You can either use sculpting tools or a fork to make little details. You will also need glue. You can buy all of these things at any craft store.

If you don’t want to make monsters, you can make animals or anything else. You can give them as gifts or do what I do. I make them have their own personalities based on how they look and then that’s how I play with them. It’s like a new toy.

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