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'Making Friends': Book review by LI kid

Kidsday reporter Madelyn Romano of Idle Hour Elementary

Kidsday reporter Madelyn Romano of Idle Hour Elementary School in Oakdale reviewed the book "Making Friends." Credit: Gina Cerulli

I read the book “Making Friends” by Kristen Gudsnuk (Scholastic), and it is about a 12-year-old seventh-grade girl named Danielle. Danielle’s aunt Tracy and uncle Dave fight, and she thinks they’re going to get a divorce. She does not want them to get a divorce because she does not want her cousins to feel the way she did when her parents got a divorce.

Danielle thinks life in sixth grade was easier because she had her best friends right by her side. In seventh grade her friends begin leaving her out a little bit. But just as things look really bad, she inherits a magical sketchbook. Danielle makes a sketch of the main character in the show, Prince Neptune, and then suddenly something strange happens.

This sketchbook is something special, and she starts to take advantage of it. Problems with bullies disappear, friendships get back on track and things start to get better. But then there’s good and bad news. To find out what happens in the rest of the book, you will have to read it. I really like this book!

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

Gina Cerulli’s fifth-grade class, Idle Hour Elementary School, Oakdale

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