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Making fun crafts with seashells

Have you walked by the ocean and picked up a seashell? Did you know what to do with it? Well, after reading this, you will.

If you have a chance to get to the beach, gather up some seashells, and do what we do. You can make dozens of different kinds of crafts. Each one can express your personality.

Some of the things we make are jewelry, frames and candles. We also paint the seashells.

We do it sitting on the beach with a towel and supplies next to us. The supplies you need include string, glue, paint, sand, scissors, bobby pins, hair ties, a wooden frame, a plastic container and, most importantly, seashells!

You can paint a seashell and put it on string: That becomes a necklace. You can give it as gift, or you can make a collection like we do. Another way to make a necklace is to just look for seashells with holes in them, then put them on a string.

Hair accessories are other things you can make.

You can paint a seashell or not. Then, you can glue it on a bobby pin and wait until the glue dries. You also can make a hair tie by painting a seashell and using string to tie it to the hair tie.

One last thing you can make is a picture frame. First, you paint a wooden frame. Next, you get glue and seashells. Then, glue them on the frame and wait until they dry.


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