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Making model boats with my grandfather

My grandfather, Alfonso Burgio, makes model navy ships and sailboats in his garage during the warmer months. He can do it himself, but I like to help.

Most of the time, I help him get the wood to be the perfect measurement and cut out the sails. I also sand the wood and go to different stores to buy supplies.

The boats he makes can vary from about 24 to 36 inches. It takes a long time to build one boat, sometimes a couple of weeks.

We make boats for family members or whoever wants one. My grandpa loves making boats because he traveled the world while he was a sailor in the Italian Navy during World War II and afterward. He's been around boats and nautical things for most of his life.

Whenever we are together, he talks about his life in the navy. I enjoy helping him make boats that look real, and each one looks different and has its own personality.

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