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Making rock pets

Thunk! Wait, you're bored, so you bring a rock in the house? Is that doing anything to break the boredom? I have an idea!

Rock pets! Rock pets to me are any rock with a face, piece of clothing and habitat that I make for them. I know it sounds boring, but it's making it that's fun. I have so many rocks, I have lost count.

It's not like you have to go through a jungle or an ancient temple to find them. Any rock will do. All you have to do is pick rocks from your yard. Remember not to make them too tiny. Once you have picked your rocks, you must wash them. Then, when you are done (this is the best part), you draw the faces. I suggest you use a Sharpie. Any face will do, and you don't have to draw the lower body.

Done with the faces? Then it's time for the name. You can give your rock pet a simple name, like Bob, an extravagant one like Annalisa, or even a weird and funny one like Pickle.

Of course, you must not keep your rock pets homeless. You need to find a great place to show them off. I have them all over my bedroom. If you have a girl rock pet, she needs accessories like clothes, hats, hair and more.

For example, you can draw a cute haircut on her and add a bow. But it's not just for girls. Boys can have guitars, skateboards or baseball caps.

If you want, you can give some rock pets to your friends. Maybe you can make a rock pet family. But, remember, you can always make more. Well, you're done. So I hope you are no longer bored.


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