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Working with my father is always fun, no matter what the task

Kidsday reporter Jack Humphreys, of Centre Avenue School,

Kidsday reporter Jack Humphreys, of Centre Avenue School, East Rockaway, and his dad, Robert Humphreys, who works at Mandalay Elementary School in Wantagh. Credit: Humphreys family

Last summer I liked going to my dad’s job. He is a head custodian at Mandalay Elementary School in Wantagh. I would help him with whatever he was doing in the morning, and then later on I would head over to camp.

Some days we went outside and cut the grass, and other days we would move desks and other furniture to different classrooms. No matter what we did, from waxing floors from putting mulch around flower beds, I was happy to be with him.

One interesting thing one day when I was working with my dad outside was seeing a really big dragonfly. It was about as big as a bird and was flying around us. There were usually a lot of dragonflies there, but this one was about five times bigger than all the other ones. We watched it as it went from place to place until it flew away.

Another interesting thing that happened is that one day when we were moving desks, I looked out the window and I saw a bunny. I asked if I could go outside for a minute. Dad said yes, and I ran outside and went toward the bunny. As I got closer, I slowed down and tried to get a closer look. It was a beautiful shade of brown and it stayed about 20 feet away from me. I just stood there and watched as it hopped around the field. After a while my dad called me and told me to come inside. The next day, I didn’t get that close to it, but I did sometimes see a bunny running along the far side of the field, but I am not certain if it was the same one.

Michelle Healy’s Enterprise students, Centre Avenue School, East Rockaway

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