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Marie Blachère bakery in Great Neck offers a little taste of France

Kidsday reporters Sophie Chan, Justin Cruz and Charlie

Kidsday reporters Sophie Chan, Justin Cruz and Charlie Gorenstein of Lakeville Elementary School, Great Neck, visit the Marie Blachère bakery in Great Neck. Credit: Thomas Hughes

Marie Blachère is a brand new bakery in 550 Middle Neck Rd. in Great Neck. News reports say they have 500 locations in France; they just opened up here in the spring, and there are lots of customers each week.

We would recommend a lot of things, but if you really would like to try something French, we would say the buttery croissant is perfect. You can try it plain or with chocolate. It’s flaky on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s perfect to go or as just a snack. There are also French baguettes. They are great because they are glazed and you can have them with chocolate on top. If you get there at the right time, the baguettes are still warm and taste delicious! Most of the bread there is crispy, but you can also get yours half-baked, baked or well-baked.

The pastry we would say is the best is the beignet. We like beignets because we’re pretty sure they're balls of dough covered in powdered sugar and filled with chocolate or raspberries. Another favorite are the delicious brownies. We enjoy these mostly because we have a sweet tooth. The brownies are great because they're soft and not hard as a rock. There’s also a section on cakes, like pies, tarts and cheesecakes. Lastly, the restaurant creates a French environment because the workers are French also!


Thomas Hughes' fifth-grade class, Lakeville Elementary School, Great Neck


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