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Mars Explorer lets you design your own remote-control vehicle

Kidsday reporter Brandon Rivas with the Mars Explorer

Kidsday reporter Brandon Rivas with the Mars Explorer remote-control vehicle. Credit: Kerry Abernethy

I checked out the GeoSmart Mars Explorer. It is a remote-control vehicle, and in my opinion I think you should buy it. It is a lot of fun.

The first thing I like is how it lights up. The Mars Explorer can light up when you put batteries in it and then press a black button. The Mars Explorer is quick to build because it is made with magnets to hold the pieces together.

It is fun to play with because you can move it using a remote control, and you can change the design to make different kinds of vehicles. It would be a good racing toy, especially when constructed differently.

The Mars Explorer is operated with a wireless remote. You can sit and play with it. It moves well. This is because it has tracks on the wheels to help it go over multiple surfaces. The only surface it doesn’t ride on is grass, but it will work on blacktop and brick.

There are a few things I dislike about the Mars Explorer. If you drop it, all the pieces break apart and it needs to be reconstructed again, but because it is magnetic it doesn’t make a mess. The tracks sometimes come off. This is bad because when that happens, it will stop without the tracks in place.

It requires seven AAA batteries, but overall this is a fun and exciting toy to build and play with. You can play with it with your friends for hours.

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