Are you a fan of the Avengers movies? We are and we were able to test out a few of the fun products connected with the film:

Marvel Avengers HQ Captain America Tower Defense Set (Hasbro), Avengers Age of Ultron Iron Man Headquarters and Marvel Avengers Thor by Titan Hero Tech are cool, fun toys. It comes with a playset, action figures, stickers and directions. If you are able to buy all of them you could connect them to get the whole Avengers HQ. We liked that you could detach the motorcycle from the launching pad. The Thor action figure can sit and stand and fight. It has a cape and can say a bunch of phrases. We think kids need to be 7 and up for the playsets because it might be a challenge to build them for little kids.

AGES 7 and older

RATING 4 smiles

We also tested

the Marvel Avengers HQ Hulk Buster Breakout Set. Here are some facts. When you first get the toy you need to assemble it. It has a lot of action features in it like Hulk busting out of his cage. There is also a zip-lining feature for Hulk Buster Iron Man. You can also get two more sets to attach to this set. We had a little trouble assembling it.

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AGES 8 and older

RATING 4 smiles