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40° Good Afternoon

Massapequa Preserve is great to visit

The Massapequa Preserve is 432 acres. We live about three blocks from the Massapequa Preserve, which is nice because we can visit it anytime we want. We enjoy going to the preserve in the summer and fall, when we can fish, hike and ride our bikes.

Taking a walk in the preserve recently, we noticed there are still many trees down, probably from superstorm Sandy.

I saw a beehive, which was cool, because I never saw one before! The beehive was as big as a basketball, and it was up high in a tree. I didn't see any bees in the winter because I think they were hibernating. They should be buzzing around now.

In addition to all the animals and plant life in the preserve, you can often see people riding bikes, jogging, playing baseball and soccer and even fishing. The bike path goes from Merrick Road all the way to the Southern State Parkway.

As it gets colder, though, you won't see as many people in the preserve.

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