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Good Evening

Mattebella, my family's vineyard

In 2005, my family bought a vineyard. When we bought the vineyard, we were living in Miami Beach and only came to Westhampton for the summers. But my parents must have not been thinking clearly because they thought they could run a 23-acre farm at Southold on the North Fork of Long Island from Florida. Ha!

That is when we decided to move. The name of our vineyard is Mattebella Vineyards, and it is named after my brother, Matthew, and me. Now, I live in Westhampton Beach. I visit the vineyard a lot, like more than you could imagine. And that is not necessarily a bad thing! Yes, it can get boring going there a lot, but I always find a way to have fun. I do so many things, like play hide and seek with my older brother or drive on our golf cart.

In each season, I do something different. In the winter, I don't come a lot, but when I do, my brother will tie a sled to the back of our golf cart and drive it. In the spring it's still a little chilly, so I usually just hang out and help my mom with things like cooking brownies and cutting bread. In the summer, it's different -- our tasting cottage is full, and my parents are always running around serving wine and working. When they do this, I either take the golf cart out for a ride or play in the sprinklers in our vegetable garden. In the fall, we are the busiest. It's harvesting time, so we have tractors, grapes, people and kids everywhere. I always help harvest the grapes (mainly because my brother and I have a competition to see who can pick the most bins of grapes).

My vineyard has brought me so many new experiences and opportunities to learn. Even though sometimes I say I don't like the vineyard, deep down I love it.

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