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Meet Clifford, LI Game Farm’s giraffe

Clifford, a male reticulated giraffe, celebrates his 7th

Clifford, a male reticulated giraffe, celebrates his 7th birthday at the Long Island Game Farm in Manorville on July 6, 2013. Credit: Newsday / Heather Walsh

Awww .... So cute! Oh, sorry I was just feeding Clifford the giraffe at the Long Island Game Farm. I also interviewed Melinda Novak, co-owner of the game farm.

Here are some facts: This giraffe has the option to do a few things. For example, he can go into a barn if he wishes to. If you want to see him, it’s great that he’ll live 25 to 30 years. The giraffe is about 17 feet tall. He also has the option to lie down or stand up when sleeping. (He usually lies down.) Clifford’s girlfriend lives in Florida and during the winter Clifford goes to see her! No grooming is involved. They block worms from him though. Clifford has been there for three years. He’s 9 years old and eats 100 pounds of hay or grain a day and can run 35 miles an hour. Clifford sleeps two hours a day. His heart weighs 25 pounds. The game farm added an encounter to get up close to Clifford. Did you know Clifford can go longer than a camel without water?

Now you know a little bit about Clifford. So visit the game farm’s website (, or come visit today to see the one and only Clifford! The farm’s address: 489 Chapman Blvd., Manorville.

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