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Good Morning

Meet the Beatrix Girls dolls

We played with the Beatrix Girls, a collection of musician dolls including Lark, Ainsley, Brayden and Chantal. They are a pop and rock band and play their own instruments. They are very talented, fashionable and successful. The dolls are good for ages 6 to 12.

If you like California sushi rolls and heart-shaped notes, you should get Brayden. If you like the Boston Red Sox and Boston baked beans, you should get Lark. If you like scented candles and French onion soup, you should get Chantal. If you like canned soup and high heels, you should get Ainsley.

The Beatrix Girls play guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. The dolls also have their own style. Lark's style is ripped jeans, combat boots and sneakers with everything. Brayden wears a cool, cute shirt, sky-high heels, jewelry, prints and patterns. Chantal's style is soft, subtle silk blouses and dark, tight, Capri-type pants. Ainsley wears dresses, leggings and high heels. We hope you get the dolls. Rating: 4

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