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Meeting actor Aidan Passaro

Kidsday reporter Cecelia Albertina, right, and actor Aidan

Kidsday reporter Cecelia Albertina, right, and actor Aidan Passaro. Credit: Don Albertina



I had the chance to interview Aidan Passaro of Mount Sinai. Aidan is 10, and he has been an actor, and recently was in the Broadway show and tour for “Kinky Boots.” He plays young Charlie, the main character, as a boy on the first national tour of “Kinky Boots.” When that was done he returned to the Broadway show.

I asked him why he decided to become an actor. Aidan said, “I did this little theater production in preschool and I enjoyed it so I did a couple more and that is when I decided I really liked acting. It kept going from there.”

Since he has to not just act, but sing and dance as well, I asked him which he enjoyed more. He said, “I like singing best.”

Aidan also told me that there are other actors in his family. His mom’s cousin, Lisa Gajda, has been in 18 Broadway shows. He added that he has an Uncle Tony — his dad’s uncle — who was in the business.

Aidan told me that he only had one callback audition before he made it on the first national tour (he visited New Orleans, Florida, Atlanta, Kansas, Hollywood, to name a few places where he performed) and then it was luck that got him on the Broadway stage. He said, “A kid went on vacation, and they asked me to fill in.”

Since he is only 10, I asked him how he handled school and Aidan told me that he had a tutor travel with him and he usually had school every day from noon until 4 p.m.

I asked him if he had a favorite experience as an actor. Aidan told me, “I don’t think I could choose. I’ve been having so much fun it is really hard to. I could say my favorite places were Hollywood, and Washington, D.C. was amazing. There were so many things to see, like the Washington Monument. I actually got to take a tour of the White House. And then Hollywood, which was just amazing.”

Finally, I wanted to know what he would do next after the show is over. He said, “Probably have a normal life, go to school. Then [I hope] I get another show. I like being in shows better.”

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