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Meeting astronaut Mike Massimino, who grew up in Franklin Square

Kidsday reporter Sofia Caruso with astronaut Mike Massimino

Kidsday reporter Sofia Caruso with astronaut Mike Massimino Credit: Caruso family

Have you ever met someone famous? I have. I met Mike Massimino, twice. If you don’t know who Mike Massimino is, he’s a famous astronaut who went to the same elementary school as I go to, John Street School.

The first time I met him was at a book signing in a library. At the beginning he talked about his first time in space, what he saw and how he felt, and last, he answered questions. After he answered the questions, he went upstairs to set up for the book signing.

I waited on a line in front of the table where he was sitting. As we waited on the line, everyone was handed a book. After I waited on line for a while, it was finally my turn to get my book signed. I handed Mike the book. When he finished signing the book, I told him that I go to John Street School. He said that he liked my school and that he hoped being at that school would help me be successful, too.

Could you imagine having a street named after you? Mike Massimino has the whole street where he used to live in Franklin Square named for him.

When I arrived at the street last fall, I saw little kids wearing astronaut suits taking pictures with Mike. The name of the street was covered with a sheet. After a few minutes, somebody pulled off the sheet, revealing Mike Massimino’s name, above the actual street name. At the end of the day, I felt excited that I met a famous astronaut.

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