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Meeting ‘Lethal Weapon’ actor Dante Brown

Dante Brown, second from right, with Kidsday reporters,

Dante Brown, second from right, with Kidsday reporters, from left, Haley Marcincuk, Nellie DeStefano and Olivia Tozzi. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Have you ever met a celebrity? We met Dante Brown from Fox’s “Lethal Weapon” in Manhattan recently. He plays the part of Roger Murtaugh Jr. on the show. The show airs weekly, and each episode focuses on a different crime. Dante plays the son of one of the lead detectives, Roger Murtaugh. The show is a spinoff of the “Lethal Weapon” films. The new show is exciting, edgy and funny.

Dante told us that he grew up in Chicago, and you could tell it grounded him. He was friendly, humble and easy to talk to. His mom came with him to the interview, and he mentioned family many times in his responses. He even noted how he wanted to get investment property before buying a car. Dante seems as if he is a genuine person, and he even said he hasn’t changed since becoming a celebrity. Although we can’t say we knew him before he was famous, he was so very down to earth.

Dante mentioned he has many talents other than acting. He sings, writes music, paints and has his own clothing line. He said that if he wasn’t acting right now he would be doing something that has to do with the arts. This made him seem more relatable since we all dance and sing. Dante was also very relatable for us since he was only a few years older than us, rather than being in his 20s or older. Dante has a great personality. He would be a great role model for kids trying to follow their dreams because he is so talented. You could learn many lessons from Dante. For example, to stay grounded and always be yourself, even if you become well-known.

We asked Dante who his inspirations were. He said, “On the acting side, Denzel Washington. On the music side it is Kanye West. I grew up listening to his music.”

We wanted to know if his character on the show is similar to him in real life. Dante said, “Kind of, sort of. In terms of his obedience to his parents, yeah! And him wanting to be his own person, I would say so. The things what we are going through on the episodes are the same things I am going through with my family. For example, me wanting a car. We did that one week and then the following week, I get my license and I ask at home, ‘When can I get my car?’ and then the whole girlfriend thing, and you know how that goes . . . My family kind of stays on subject with what the Murtaughs are doing.”

We wanted to know if handling school and work was tough. He said, “At first, no, but as they needed me more on set and my teachers expecting more of me it got a little tougher, but not so much.”

We think Dante showed us who he really was, instead of being a fake person caught up in a famous life. He is definitely a young man with a bright future in acting, music and the arts.


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