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Meeting ‘Riverdale’ actress Marisol Nichols

"Riverdale" actress Marisol Nichols, center, with Kidsday reporters,

"Riverdale" actress Marisol Nichols, center, with Kidsday reporters, from left, Katryn Powers, Anna Ciofalo, Andrew Gerstenfeld and Zachary Gerstenfeld. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

From a small McDonald’s commercial, to several hit TV shows such as “Riverdale” on The CW, “Teen Wolf” on MTV, and Fox’s “24,” which ended in 2010, Marisol Nichols has done it all. We got to interview Marisol in a private room at Buffalo Wild Wings in Manhattan recently, and hear her insight on growing up as a growing actress, and how she was inspired to pursue a career in such a difficult industry.

Marisol just wrapped up her first season as Hermione Lodge on the popular show, “Riverdale.”

Before the interview with Marisol, we didn’t know what to expect because we weren’t that familiar with who she was and the shows and movies she starred in, but as we entered the interview, we met not only an amazing actress, but a wonderful, and inspiring person. If we could take only one lesson away from this interview, it was definitely that she was determined and never quit, although she started a lot later than most actresses. She continued to inspire us throughout the entire day, and we even continued talking about this experience hours after meeting her because that’s how much we enjoyed the interview.

During the interview, Marisol mentioned that her greatest accomplishment is that she created a nonprofit organization that protects human trafficking in the United States. Marisol explained that she created this because many people believe that human trafficking occurs in other countries around the world, but she actually says that human trafficking occurs every day in the United States. We were inspired by this story because Marisol says she wants this world to be a better place so that children growing up today can feel safe.

Marisol also mentioned that she is a proud mother of her 8-year-old daughter. She said that her daughter wants to be a director, and that she actually directs and edits movies using her dolls. Marisol also said that her daughter is one of her inspirations for her nonprofit organization because kids nowadays have to grow up with all of these evils in the world and she wants to protect kids from these evils.

After spending just a few minutes talking with Marisol, and asking her questions about how she became an actress, and what the most important things in her life are, Marisol Nichols proved to be a magnificent actress, mother to her 8-year-old daughter, and a person in general.

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