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Meeting Tony Cavalero, Breanna Yde of Nick’s ‘School of Rock’

Actors Breanna Yde, left, and Tony Cavalero, right,

Actors Breanna Yde, left, and Tony Cavalero, right, with Kidsday reproters from left, Leila Bakhshi, Naya Akler, Remy Mehdizadeh and Aiden Banilivi. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

School of Rock! School of Rock! School of Rock! The show and the interviews with the Nickelodeon stars were amazing. We had so much fun.

We all met at 6 p.m. at the Winter Garden Theatre. Tony Cavalero, who plays Dewey Finn, arrived first and around 10 minutes later, Breanna Yde, who plays Tomika, arrived. They showed us their cool handshake. They are just the two nicest and fun TV stars you could ever want to meet.

Next, we asked them our questions. They answered each one with no problem. They liked that we were prepared with all of our questions. We didn’t only ask them questions about acting. We also asked them questions about their lives outside of acting. Lastly, we asked Tony and Breanna to join us in our chorus of “School Of Rock.”

We were really excited to meet the two Nickelodeon stars, and we think the show is going to be a huge hit because of them. They even complimented us on doing amazing research to prepare for our interview. The interview was outside the Winter Garden Theatre, so people were taking pictures and videos of us. It was really interesting to interview Breanna because we are about the same age so it was cool to see how we are similar. They answered every question honestly, which made us feel that they are trustworthy. We would love to have friends just like them. The interview was great.

After talking with them, we saw the Broadway musical and it was out of this world. The kids who were on stage were actually playing instruments. The actors who were singing had awesome voices. Especially the kids. Breanna joined us at the Broadway show and her seat was the seat in front of us. The show was one of the best Broadway shows we ever saw. We had a great time. When the show was over, we were happy that we had this great experience. We wish it would have lasted a lifetime, but the memories will.

We saw the first episode of the new Nickelodeon TV show and we think it is going to be a big hit. The cast, especially Breanna and Tony, are terrific. It is fun and funny and worth watching. Tune in!

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