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Megan Fox talks 'Ninja Turtles' with Kidsday

Actress Megan Fox who is starring in "Teenage

Actress Megan Fox who is starring in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." She is with Kidsday reporters Brooke Herbert, Lauren Herbert Brett Herbert and Aidan Hopkins, ages 11 and 12 from East Setauket, at the Paramount Screening Room in Manhattan on Aug. 6, 2014. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

On Wednesday, we went to see the new "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie, starring Megan Fox, in Manhattan. We loved it! What made this movie so great were the 3-D special effects. There were so many cool scenes, and because of the special effects, you felt like you were actually in the movie.

We had two favorite scenes: One was where all the Turtles are driving down a mountain in an 18-wheeler, being chased by the bad guys. The scene was like 10 minutes long and had so many funny parts as well. Our second-favorite scene was at the end of the movie. The Turtles are on top of a skyscraper that is crashing down, and you don't know whether they will live or die.

We loved all of the Turtles in this movie, but agree with Megan Fox that Michelangelo, aka "Mikey," was our favorite. He was hilarious and had so many funny one-liners in the movie. If you are not on the edge of your seat in suspense, you are laughing at something Mikey is saying or rapping.

What also made this movie great was you didn't need to read the comic books or know about the Ninja Turtles. About a quarter of the way through the movie, you learn the backstory of how the Turtles came to be and how Megan Fox's character played a part in their lives.

We recommend this movie for kids of any age even though it's rated PG-13. We thought it was going to be a movie for boys going in, but girls will love it just as much.

We all agreed this was an awesome movie and we give it 5 smiles.

We met actress Megan Fox, who stars as April O'Neil, at the Paramount offices, and she talked to us about her role in the movie.

Did you watch the Turtles when you were a kid?

I did. I watched the movies from the '90s, when they were in the foam suits. And I loved those. The second [movie] was my favorite. I also watched the cartoons a lot. I have seen the cartoon that is on Nickelodeon now, actually. I don't have time to watch TV as much since I have my own kids. I did grow up with TMNT.

This movie is an action movie. Do you like this type of movie better than other types of movies?

I do. Action movies and superhero movies are my favorites. They are my favorite to make and my favorite to watch.

Some of the locations in the movie were pretty cool. What was your favorite place?

My favorite place, just for the way it looked, was the set that we built for the lair. They did such an incredible job building it. It kind of reminded me of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys a little bit. In terms of shooting in New York, we shot a scene that is not in the movie anymore, but we shot a scene in Times Square, and that was a fun experience.

Who is your favorite Turtle, and which one is most like you, and why?

My favorite is Michelangelo because he is the funny one. I think he is going to be everyone's favorite. He is one of my personalities, and then Raphael represents another side of me where I can go into the darkness every once in a while.

The Ninja Turtles came on in 1984. Why do you think they have lasted so long?

That is a good question. I think because, when they were initially created, the guys who created them did it as a spoof on superheroes. They have always been so silly and never take themselves too seriously. There is just something fun about that. We all have siblings or family that we argue with and bicker with and then make up and then love, but everyone can relate to that family aspect as well as the aspect that the Turtles are sort of outcasts and rejects because of how they look. Society wouldn't accept them, but they are also heroes, and we have all felt like that. We all want to be accepted and heroes in our own way.

What would your dream role be?

That is a good question, too. I don't know. If I could be anything and there were no rules, I would like to have been Spider-Man, but I can't be Peter Parker because I am a girl. But in my mind, that would have been fun. Maybe if they make a new version of Poison Ivy I would like to do that.

Pizza is the food of choice for the Ninja Turtles. Was there a lot of pizza on set?

There was a lot of pizza on the set. We had a huge stunt team that would do the martial-arts scenes. There were 40, 50, 60 stunt guys, so there would be hundreds of boxes of pizza that they would tear through and then suddenly there was nothing left.

Do you know if there is going to be an action figure of you?

There is an action figure of me. It's a mini action figure. She has a camera bag and a Canon long lens camera, but I really don't know what kind of action she can do. It's weird to be a doll.

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