Good Evening
Good Evening

Memorial Day on Shelter Island

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Amanda Saladino, Greenlawn

Bang! Boom! The drums play the wonderful music bouncing off the big, beautiful trees of Shelter Island. The siren is blaring in your ears, and a wonderful man is blowing his bagpipe. Why so much noise? The reason is Memorial Day!

One day a year, Shelter Island throws a parade in the middle of the town. We throw a parade with just our own little community! The Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, the school band, the fire department and also many more people from the community come to the parade.

Some good spots to watch the parade are on the town circle. You can bring a beach chair to sit in. If you don’t like crowded areas, you can sit on East Thomas Street. The parade will pass with the same sound. If you want the same energy of the parade, go to the middle of the town; that is our favorite. If you want to blend in with the spirit, there is a cool lady handing out flags.

There is a barbecue after the parade for the whole town. At the barbecue, there is a long line for the juicy burgers and the mouthwatering hot dogs, but it is all worth the wait. The aroma is getting closer and closer as it fills your nose. When you’re done eating, you might be wondering what to do because kids are running around like the wind. No need — there are great competitive games like potato-sack races and egg-balancing races. Also, there are prizes given. If you get first place, you can get a Popsicle, but you don’t need to win to get a frozen treat. You can get ice cream, too. As the sun goes down, everyone leaves. Memorial Day will leave a mark, and that mark is the smile on your face.

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