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Metro Station sits down with Kidsday

Kidsday reporters Sofia Gonell, Gionna Altebrando, Hanna Totillo

Kidsday reporters Sofia Gonell, Gionna Altebrando, Hanna Totillo and Lauren Barnes, all from North Country Road Middle School in Miller Place with Mason Musso and Trace Cyrus, from the band Metro Station at the Grammercy Theater in Manhattan on Nov. 6, 2014. Credit: Kidsday / Pat Mullooly

We went to the Gramercy Theatre in Manhattan recently to meet with Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso, who make up the group Metro Station. They had a concert that night, but before the show we sat in on a private acoustic set in the theater.


Did you meet on the set of "Hannah Montana"?

Trace: The first time we met we were on the set of "Hannah Montana." Then we got together, his brother [Mitchel Musso] was on the show, Miley was obviously on the show. We kind of owe "Hannah Montana" for us meeting.

What did you guys mean by your chorus "Shake, Shake, Shake It?"

Trace: Just wanted to do a dance and have a good time, and the world's so serious we wanted them to cut loose and relax and have a good time and have fun.

What is your favorite song that you sing?

Trace: It's tough. Of course I think we're most thankful for "Shake It," because it's given us a lot of opportunities, helped us pay some bills and brought us pretty far in life. And it's fun to perform live.

Do any of your tattoos have meaning to you?

Trace: I get a lot of tattoos for people in my family. Some of my friends I have tattoos for, some of my religious beliefs, things that represent me in different times of my life. They kind of tell a story. I like them.

Where did you get your band name?

Mason: I was driving through Hollywood and saw a sign for a Metro station. I know you guys have a metro here so it just kind of came to me. I called up Trace, I was like, "What do you think?" and he really liked it, so it just stuck.

Trace: Not much meaning, just something we thought was catchy and was cool.

Mason: Free promotion everywhere we go.

If one song went viral, what song would you want it to be?

Trace: We hope the new single, "She Likes Girls," goes viral. Any song. We hope they all do well, but there's always going to be that certain favorite, just like "Shake It" was the favorite off the first record. People are always going to have a favorite song. Any song that does well, we're happy with. All we can do is keep writing great songs and hope that one catches on.

Mason: At the end, the fans will decide.

What made you guys want to sing?

Trace: We wanted to be rock stars. I think it's everyone's dream to tour the world to play music. It's a fantasy of ours and we're living up to that.

Mason: Singing is just fun.

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