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Learning to paint at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kimberly Te, Manhasset

I took great art classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. The Met is a huge museum with many different art styles from all over the world. It is my favorite art museum.

My first art class was called Drawing in the Galleries. I took the class in the spring of 2016. Every class, we viewed two or three works of art with our teachers. We made our own sketches in the gallery. Then we went to our classroom to make our own art. On the last day of class, we had our show. We displayed our artwork for our families to see.

This year, I took a class called Paint Lab. At every class, we explored some art with the group. In the classroom, we sketched and painted. I learned how to mix paint with a paint knife. We started with the primary colors. I learned how to make secondary colors and used white for different shades.

Our big project was making a self-portrait, using pointillism. This means that we used many dots of paint to make our painting.

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