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Good Afternoon

Mets celebrate the holidays with LI kids at party

Mr. Met, left, Edwin Diaz, Corey Oswalt, Robinson

Mr. Met, left, Edwin Diaz, Corey Oswalt, Robinson Cano and Brandon Nimmo as Santa at the Mets Holiday party Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Last week the New York Mets held a special holiday party for New York City school kids and we were invited to watch the celebration. We went to Citi Field for an interview with Mets pitcher Corey Oswalt. Before the interview we saw kids from other schools celebrating the holidays by singing festive songs. Brandon Nimmo played Santa and his elves or helpers were Robinson Cano, Edwin Diaz,and Corey Oswalt, and, of course, Mr. Met.

In our interview with Corey, one of the first questions we asked was if he thinks women should have their own baseball league? His response was, yes, women should have their own league and that would be very cool to see that happen.

We asked him what is his favorite pitch to throw. He told us that he usually likes to throw what’s working that day or the pitch that works the best against that batter, but usually it would be to throw a curveball or changeup.

Another question was: It’s the bottom of the ninth, two outs, two strikes and you need one more pitch to end the game. What is your go to pitch? Corey answered, “I would throw a fastball because it is hard to hit.”

He said the toughest batter he has faced in his major league career has been Manny Machado.

We wanted to know what was his proudest day outside of baseball. He said getting married.

After we finished the interview we got together with Corey and took a picture. He also signed baseballs and the other reporters' items.

After the interview we saw Edwin and Robinson at a news conference so we went over there to see if we could get their autographs. We went over there, and also met Brandon who was dressed in a Santa suit from the holiday party. We all got our things signed and we took a picture with him. Brandon was very nice he even signed his batting gloves and gave them to two Kidsday reporters. He told us that he wore those during games.

After that we saw that Edwin was walking so we asked if he could sign our things. He did and after we got his signature we tried to get Robinson Cano’s signature but there were a lot of people blocking us from him. This was a very special experience that we really enjoyed and had so much fun at.

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