Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Mets fans, take our quiz!

1) What year did the Mets start?

2) What year did Shea Stadium open?

3) How many years did the Mets win the World Series?

4) Who hit the most home runs for the Mets in history?

5) How many managers have the Mets had in their history? Who was their first manager?

6) What year did Citi Field open?

7) David Wright, Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter and John Franco have this in common.

8) The Mets have had three home stadiums. We know Shea and Citi Field. What was the name of third one?

9) Who has recorded the most saves as a New York Met?

10) Who was the owner of the Mets when they started?


1) 1962,

2) 1964,

3) 2: '69 and '86,

4) Darryl Strawberry, 252,

5) 20, Casey Stengel,

6) 2009,

7) All have been Mets captains,

8) Polo Grounds,

9) John Franco, 276

10) Joan Whitney Payson

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