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Good Afternoon

We talk with Mets third baseman Todd Frazier

New York Mets' Todd Frazier with Kidsday reporters

New York Mets' Todd Frazier with Kidsday reporters from left, Gianna Bommarito, Alex Bedard, Brendan Bohn and Gabriel Beschloss in the clubhouse at Citi Field. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Do you love the Mets? Well you don’t have to like the Mets to know that Todd Frazier is a star baseball player.

Todd Frazier is a third baseman for the New York Mets. He has also played first base in his Major League Baseball career. He was born in Toms River, New Jersey, and has been playing baseball since he was very little. As a child, he even helped his team win the Little League World Series. When he was older, he attended Rutgers University. He was on many professional teams in the MLB. He played for the Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, and currently plays for the Mets. We are glad that Todd has continued to strive on both of these New York teams.

Our visit to Citi Field started in the parking lot. We were a little early and the parking lot attendant told us that a car with the letter Z on the tag, showed it was a player. So while we waited for the Kidsday event to start, some of the players stopped their car to give us their autographs. We were so excited to get the autographs of Devin Mesoraco and Steven Matz, who is from Stony Brook, but we couldn’t wait to meet Todd Frazier!

As we entered Citi Field, we went down to the field. When we were on the field we had the awesome opportunity to watch skilled players hit the ball far onto the field! After the incredible experience on the field we went into the Citi Field press room to wait for Todd Frazier. The one thing that went through our heads was the Met players and staff were right outside our room. When we were in the press room, we constantly were staring out of the window waiting for him to come.

Meeting Todd was awesome. The first thing he did was sign our baseballs. Wow, now we’ll have this forever to remember him. We learned so much about him. When Todd was younger, he played not only baseball, but all sports with his two older brothers. He was always the most competitive because he always wanted to break his brothers’ records. His dad was his role model because he was the one who was always there for him and taught him how to play baseball. Todd is a good role model to his son, Blake, who loves to play baseball, too.

When Todd went to Rutgers, he won the Big East player of the year in 2007. He loved playing at Rutgers and he loved the friends and baseball memories that he made there. He still has friends today from Rutgers. Todd’s first team he played on was the Reds. When he was on that team, there was a bat boy, Teddy Kremer, who has Down syndrome. When Todd went to the on deck circle, Teddy asked him if he could hit a home run for him. Guess what - he did! Todd feels so lucky that he still gets the opportunity to see him now. This is one of the many moments that Todd displayed his kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion.

Todd is now on the DL. We know that all baseball players get hurt, but Todd is so excited that he is quickly getting better from his current injury. He wants to get back on the field as soon as possible. Todd shared with us that he knows everyone has obstacles to overcome, but that he was very fortunate and as a child he didn’t face many in his life. As a baseball player, he loves traveling for away games. He loves traveling because he gets to see all the major cities in the U.S.A. When thinking about all his experiences, he told us that one of his greatest experiences as a child was to win and even just play in the Little League World Series. We were all wondering about Todd’s love for Frank Sinatra. He explained that as a child, he didn’t really like Sinatra’s music. But, his grandmother would always play his music in her house, so he learned to like it. Todd always listens to his music now and knows all the words, he says that it reminds him of his grandmother. Todd works out to stay in shape but he also has some favorite foods he loves to eat, like French fries and cookie dough. He will eat any type of French fries at any time, any place and loves to binge and eat cookie dough in his free time. He told us that even though most people like to chew gum while playing baseball, he likes to chew sunflower seeds.

We know that players are always being traded. Todd likes this because he gets new feedback from new people every time he’s on a new team. Todd thinks that José Bautista, a new member of his team, will help the Mets. Jose is a player who has been in the league for a long time. It was interesting to learn the fun fact that they are locker buddies in the locker room. Have you ever seen Todd Frazier or other Mets celebrate a game win, amazing catch, or big hit by acting like they are grinding a salt or pepper shaker? Well now we know why the Mets do that. It started in spring training because they wanted to grind out hits and spread them throughout the team.

So why do you think Todd is called “Toddfather” and do you think he likes it? Well, we wanted to know, too. So, yes, he really does like being called that because that was his nickname from seven years ago on the Reds. That name sounds like the movie “The Godfather” and, like the “Godfather” in the movie who was a leader, Todd is one of the leaders in the clubhouse.

We love watching baseball all the time. Todd loves the Mets because the great guys that are on the team help him in his career. Todd told us there is never an off season in baseball because even when the season is over its right back to the gym. But when he’s off, he likes to spend time with his family and go to the beach. Todd’s advice to kids everywhere is to stick with one thing that you really want to do and work really hard at that one thing, then you’ll be successful. Thank you, Todd for a great experience. Get better soon and Go Mets!

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