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Review: ‘How to be a Supervillain’

Credit: Little Brown

Author Michael Fry has most certainly created an invigorating, exciting novel, to say the least, in his book “How to Be a Supervillain” (Little Brown). His story narrates the life of Victor Spoil, a nice, polite kid. However, Victor happens to be the son of the supervillain duo “The Spoil Sports”! Victor is mostly superhero material — he’s a neat freak who’s generally quiet and kind. Victor’s parents try relentlessly to find a supervillain to mentor Victor and change his mentality, so that Victor will become the supervillain that his parents always wanted him to be.

Most unfortunately, Victor is rejected by all of the major supervillains, perhaps due to his superhero qualities. In one final desperate attempt to find a mentor, Victor’s parents request the assistance of, in Victor’s words, “the most pathetic” supervillain. Victor then must make the most important decision of his life (perhaps an even harder choice than choosing between boxers and briefs). To stay at home with his parents? Or to go along with his new mentor and become a true supervillain? Victor makes the choice, wondering if he will regret his decision.

Throughout the story, Victor develops his own supervillain persona, nearing closer and closer to full supervillain status. The comic strips scattered throughout the book help the reader better visualize the characters and setting. The story is filled with plot twists and is an excellent read. Overall, I rate the story 4 out of 5, and I would most certainly recommend this book to readers who are particularly interested in sci-fi, superheroes or supervillains. The book is a funny and invigorating story that makes the reader want to keep on reading.

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