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Surviving the move from elementary to middle school

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kyla Anderson, Stony Brook

The move to Berner Middle School in Massapequa Park may seem scary for some kids. The thought of switching classes, meeting new kids, the fear of losing old friends and having many more teachers can be intimidating. But it may not be as bad as it seems. Let me tell you why.

When you go to Berner you have to take a foreign language such as French, Spanish, Chinese and German. It’s a lot of fun learning how to speak another language. Not to mention, when you get older, you get to go on a trip to that language’s country of origin. But you also get to meet new people in these classes, too.

Going to Berner will probably make you feel like you’re in an ocean of people with hundreds of kids from every Massapequa elementary school. This can be a great thing, though, because you will meet new kids and friends. You may know kids from sports or other places. And if you would like to meet people, you can join one of Berner’s many clubs. A small sample of the clubs you can join include: Buddy Club, Robotics Club, Chess Club, and the Cooking and Crafts Club. You can make so many friends here.

So readers, if you’re scared about going to middle school, don’t be. You will have so many new opportunities and can make new friends. So don’t be nervous. Be excited.

Maggie Rago’s fifth-grade class, McKenna Elementary School, Massapequa Park

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