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Midori Sushi & Steakhouse offers peaceful dining experience

Midori owner Jackey Chen, left, with Kidsday reporters

Midori owner Jackey Chen, left, with Kidsday reporters Stephen and Connor Wilcken. Credit: Wilcken family

A great place to eat with a beautiful atmosphere is Midori Sushi & Steakhouse. I sat down in an elegantly decorated room with owner Jackey Chen, who was an extraordinary gentleman.

Chen and his staff have years of culinary experience resulting in fascinating recipes. Chen and his chefs start with traditional Japanese and Chinese dishes with each dish receiving an upgrade to enhance its flavor.

Midori offers monthly specials such as the GiGi sandwich, Eraser Roll, Baked Sea Scallops, and Fire Balls. It is interesting to see what new dishes are to come. Midori also offers catering both on and off the premises and the fun hibachi grills to bring to your location. Customers who dine at the restaurant can sit in the dining area or at the hibachi grill for some entertainment. As the chefs cook in front of you, they throw pieces of steak and chicken and the guests try to catch it in their mouths.

Midori means green in Japanese and in the Japanese culture, green represents safety and peace, and that is how Midori is supposed to feel. Chen said he is not trying to compete with other restaurants. His goal is to make the customer feel good! Chen takes an empty plate as a compliment because he says it implies the guest liked the food.

You can visit Midori at 271-6 NY-25A, Mount Sinai, or call 631-500-9100.

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