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Excited for my dad’s return from the military

Kidsday reporter Caiden Kitchen and his dad, Roland,

Kidsday reporter Caiden Kitchen and his dad, Roland, who is back from the military Credit: Kitchen family

Having a dad in the military can be hard. They sometimes leave and can be gone for a long time, as long as a year.

I know what that’s like — my dad was in Africa for about a year! But don’t worry. Time will fly by, and your dad will be back soon. The worst is that he can be gone for your birthday and summer. But then he will be back, and you can play all day. My dad was gone for a year, and I missed him a lot, but he is back now.

When my dad was away, I couldn’t do a lot of fun things or go to many places because my mom would get tired. Now that he is home, I can’t wait to go to TGIFriday’s with him and to the movies. I also can’t wait to go on a road trip with him.

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