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Mini Bowling game is lots of fun for the family

Kidsday reporter Laila Woods enjoys the Mini Bowling

Kidsday reporter Laila Woods enjoys the Mini Bowling game. Credit: Michele Lambraia

Do you love bowling? Then you will love this mini bowling set: Mini Bowling (! This set comes with 10 bowling pins, a metal ball and a launcher.

This play set is very well detailed and very cute! It is recommended for children ages 3 and up to play with. This play set is very handy if you’re bored, or if you can’t go anywhere for fun. You can play with this mini bowling set with your family to make it even more exciting and interesting by making it a competition.

I hope you can find this awesome toy at your local toy store or online so you can have as much fun as I did! This toymaker also makes musical instruments, yard tools and toys that are great fun for your younger siblings.

Michele Lambraia and Dara Perlow’s fourth-grade class, George Washington Elementary School, West Hempstead

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