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Good Afternoon

At Mini Mudder obstacle course, kids can get down and dirty

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Ashton Hopkins

Do you love to get dirty? Do you love playing in the mud? Do you like working as a team? Then we have an event for you! Come down to the Mini Mudder.

The Mini Mudder is a muddy obstacle course that will put your grit, teamwork, stamina and climbing to the ultimate test. It is a 1-mile race, but in an almost completely mud-covered environment.

It will be held at the Old Bethpage Restoration Village on July 21. Some things you should consider wearing are a Dri Fit/compression shirt, gloves for a solid grip, shorts with leggings under them for boys and girls, crush shoes to maneuver through the mud, and protective knee pads.

If you wish to participate in the Mini Mudder, you’ll have to train. Some things that would benefit you on the course would be to work on your grip and do pull-ups to build upper-body strength. Build up your stamina by running, swimming and/or jogging. You also would want to practice climbing up steep obstacles and things like that.

Some obstacles in the Mini Mudder include climbing up a steep wall, crawling under sticky rope in the mud and jumping into different-size holes inside mud. The cost for each contestant is $20, plus taxes and fees. Also, you must be 7-12 to compete. Learn more at

Brian Harvey’s sixth-grade class, Minnesauke Elementary School, East Setauket

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