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'Minions' review: Endearing, funny sequel gets 5 smiles from Kidsday critics

Kidsday reporters (l) Meredith Bianco, Nicole Aponte and

Kidsday reporters (l) Meredith Bianco, Nicole Aponte and Maggie Caffrey, 13, Franklin Square and Amityville, attended the premiere of ?Minions? in Manhattan earlier this week. (June 6, 2015) Credit: (Photo by - Lisa Aponte)

"Minions" is the long-awaited blockbuster movie of the summer. This family-friendly movie is the prequel of "Despicable Me." Sandra Bullock (who stars as Scarlet), Jon Hamm (Herb) and Pierre Coffin (The Minions) made all the characters come alive. Everyone (especially the parents) who sees this movie will enjoy the timeless music of the 1960s in the movie. The Minions' universal languages attract all audiences!

The Minions' purpose in life was finding the greatest villain to serve. Finding a master was easy, but keeping one was hard. Without finding a master, the Minions soon became depressed. Because of that, there was a chance that the Minions would not survive. An outgoing and brave Minion, named Kevin, came to the rescue and wanted to make a difference. Bob and Stewart joined Kevin to find the perfect master. The Minions have to travel all around the world to find their beloved master. Their crazy adventures kept everyone on their toes.

Seeing this movie in 3-D was very impressive. This made the movie seem even more action-packed. The animations made this movie colorful and exciting to watch. Creative characters and their personalities made this movie hysterical for all ages. These yellow, banana-loving creatures are loving and captivating.

When watching this movie, all of us agreed that the most important message of the "Minions" is that good friends should always stick together, whether it be good times or bad. Even when the Minions had no master, they always had each other's back. This must-see summer hit comes out today! Will the Minions ever find Gru?

Rating: 5 smiles

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