One important event in our class was the “Trial of Sandy.” The “Trial of Sandy” was based on a short story that we read in class about a girl named Sandy who throws a rock at a car in a fit of anger. After we read the story, we wondered if Sandy would get in trouble or not for what she did. We decided to write an original play to figure out what would happen to her.

We had to think of how we would develop it so we put Sandy on trial for throwing a rock at an undercover police car. After that step, we chose the parts everyone would have. I was Sandy. We would have to learn and memorize our parts.

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After that our teacher said that Judge James McDonough, a real District Court judge, would be coming for our mock trial.

On the day of the trial, our classroom jury reported for duty. Superintendent Glen Eschbach, our principal Drew Olson, our secretary Terri Pascale and paraprofessional Janice Ullmeyer were part of it. So was Judge McDonough. When the trial was over, everybody said it was awesome and we did an excellent job. Sandy was found to be not guilty.

We learned all about the courts, working together to write our play and about the law with this lesson.